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M.A. Ismail Ning
President Commissioner
Completed his bachelor degree in Economics at the Trisakti University, Jakarta in 1993. Engaged in the field of banking nearly 10 years, from 1996 to 2004 as a commissioner of Lippobank. In the property field as a commissioner of Lippoland since 1995 to 1999 and as President Commissioner of the Metropolis Group since 2009 until now.

In addition, working in tourism since 2004 till now as a Commissioner of PT Pacto Ltd. and as a Commissioner of PT Pacto Convex as well as the Independent Commissioner of PT Gowa Makassar Tourism Development Tbk. In the Capital Market field, as Commissioner of PT. Semesta Indovest in 2005 and then appointed as President Commissioner since 2008 until now.
Paulus Ridwan Purnawinata
Engaging in the Capital Market since 1990 and in other various fields. Currently is still the managing director of PT. Vision of Telecommunications Infrastructure Tbk. And later became an Independent Commissioner of PT. Multistrada Arah Sarana. Started his career at PT. Putra Saridaya Persada Sakti Sekuritas in 1991 and once joined PT. Standard Chartered Securities in 1994.
Linda Suryani Iskandar
President Director
Completing her bachelor's degree majoring Accounting in Perbanas School of Economics in 1992, Jakarta and has a license as an underwriter in 2001. Work in education field, with the last position as permanent Lecturer Perbanas School of Economics until 1992.

Started her career in finance and accounting by joining PT. Peregrine Sewu Securities since July 1993 - June 2002 with the last position as Head of Finance and Accounting.

Then she joined PT. Semesta Indovest since Jun 2002 until now, with the last position as Director of Operations.
Completed Bachelor's degree at Trisakti University in 1998 in the field of Accounting. In 1998, started working as a Marketing at PT. Lippo Karawaci prior to career path at PT Semesta Indovest. Later, began career journey in the capital market in 1999 at PT. Trimegah Securities as a Sales assistant, in 2001 at PT. Joint Venture Securities, and in 2002 at PT. Kapitalindo Utama. In 2007, joined as Associate Director of Equity Sales and appointed as Equity Director in 2017 until now. Received WPPE permit based on kep-28 / BL / WPPE / 2006 and a WMI permit based on kep-43 / PM.21 / WMI / 2014.
Board of Commissioner
President Commissioner : M.A. Ismail Ning

Board of Director
President Director : Linda Suryani Iskandar
Director : Sukandar
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